little azn man on bus who get hard on which is tiny while on econ trip in school bus
Michael Liu while napping shows needledick on bus during wet dream.
by Me hott May 12, 2006
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An insult that is used throughout Australian culture to insult anothers penis size.
Kevin: Nice face Needle Dick.
George: Screw You!
by Geo12 December 14, 2008
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A dick so small that you can cut your finger on it.
We were taking a shower in the locker room the other day and that Josh kid's dick was so small that everyone calls him needle dick.
by Dread7447 July 25, 2005
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Sean Phillips was found to have a needle dick when he got pants in a locker room
by T3h 0wner June 19, 2006
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A long, slender penis with hardly any width.
Britney Spears: OMG did you see that needle dick?
Kevin Federline: Yes when i sucked that i didn't even hardly have to open my mouth!
by Sharon Butts November 07, 2009
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