A man with an extremely small, thin penis with lizard like features who enjoys green shirts.
by Dirkb1 May 14, 2019
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A term used to describe a person usually of swedish origin who participates in the world or warcraft player vs player aspect of the game.

A needle dick usually talks in a loud voice, shouts alot regarding PVP and is rude to fellow players.

Being a needle dick in The world of warcraft comes from having a small penis causing alot of anger and frustration.

The following places are where you will find needle dicks:

Outside Ironforge Dueling
Any of the PVP arenas
Outside Dalaran Bank doing gear inspections for pugs
VOA on a wednesday
HoN - heroes of newerth

Spamming trade with the following: "LFM ToC,Naxx,udluar *ITEM RESERVED (usually grim toll or trinket of some sort* must link achievement, stats & epic"
Dave: How was that new priest in your 2v2?
Mike: All he did was shout at us and get really agressive
Dave: was he SWE?!?!?!? :))))))
Mike: Yes, how did you guess?
Dave: You've just experienced a needle dick

Garry: Why did that undead mage start jumping after he killed me?

Steven: Must be a needle dick


Larry: Stop being such a needle dick
by Footlong Larry November 08, 2009
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an extremely thin dick having the appearance of a sewing needle
bob has a pointy needle dick

by DAR May 01, 2003
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A very small and thin dick, reminiscent of the size of a needle or as thin and as short as a needle. Very similar to a baby dick, or a micro penis or even a teeny-weeny, due to the very small size of it.
Rachel said "Gareth, you have a very small penis, a needle dick! hahahahahaha"
by GarethB February 10, 2006
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someone with a small penis. usually insecure and also fat to go along with the small penis.
eh joe, nice needle dick you got there. Looks like a twig and berries.
by your mother sucks cock February 01, 2009
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