a very tiny dick. one that can barely be seen. the width of a needle. Tiny pee-pee.
I have a needle dick.
by Soni Vitale January 13, 2008
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Male genetailia in which can fit into ones exposed or unexposed pores
Erin: Hey! Whatd you do yesterday?

Cole: The usual, i went to the forest and used my needle dick to penetrate the pores on many small animals.

Erin: Oh.
by Erin Bomb December 31, 2009
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a penis that somewhat resembles a needle in both size and girth
Lloyd Cremer has a needle-dick.
by Matt Keogh May 20, 2003
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man w/ extremely thin penis that doesnt do much unless ur "tight"
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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A penis so small it can be used as a Q-tip
Ian has a needle dick, so when his ears need cleaning, he cleans them with his needle dick.
by U LIKE THAT!!! March 20, 2005
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