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A tattoo on a persons neck, A) upon viewing a neck tat most people will politely ignore it, despite the fact that it confirms the tatted person is an attention-deprived fashion victim, lacking any redeeming skills, qualities or signs of intelligence, who resorts to seeking attention by using the "shock value'' of imitating lower life forms, as stereotyped by the media, (including gang members, rappers, tough guy actors, death row inmates, tabloid celebrities). B) There is an element of denial, where the person wearing the neck tat insanely defends their choice, despite everyone with a positive IQ instantly acknowledging the neck tat as the epitome of stupidity, they often play victim and accuse others as stereotyping them, as they believe all people should share their perception of fashion. Curiously, they deny they are seeking attention, yet choose the second most visible location to wear a tattoo (second only to their face).
The media has promoted neck tattoos in the music and film industry, of course mindless people seeking attention will follow any trend popularized by the media.
by necktaco January 27, 2014
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