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a foot that comes out from the neck
Alec: That rob is pretty sneaky. Almost ninja like!
Lou: Well yeah...he does have a neck foot that he can crawl around on.
Hot Chick: Yeah and he is super sexy!! Do you think he would ever pork me?!
Alec: Probly not...his heart belongs to no one. But i agree, he is super sexy.
Scott: Big bad sexy robbie!!
Robbie: Yeah buddy!!!
Alyssa: I'm ok!
Tanner: I feel like chocolate cake..
Robbie: Really? You FEEL like chocolate cake...thats weird.
Lou: My hands smell like vaginas...or pickles.
Jill: Louie, can i poop on your car?
Lou: Jill! You dont have to ask!!
Robbie: Im done. See ya. Outta here.
by Rammer Schlanker November 30, 2009
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An insult commonly directed towards someone who is particularly unprofessional at the activity they are doing. A synonym for dickhead, chest face and other insults that combine two or more parts of the body.
Slavik: Hey Vlad, have you unlocked the unions in Papa's Hotdoggeria yet?
Vlad: No, I just started...
Slavik: Ha, such a neckfoot! You suck! Hahaha!
by UrClappedBoi May 10, 2018
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