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weak ass weed thats grown outside and sells for 25$ a fuckin quarter oz. thats filled with compressed seedy stringy shit that tastes even worse than it smells and takes at least 2 FAT blunts (1.5 g's per blunt) just to get a 30 minute high which is no more than a fuckin headache. Real talk this shit is worse than schwag
lame ass wannabee: yo I got some "fire mids" 25 a quarter
me: (looks at about 50 seeds mixed in w/stem/shake) This aint no fuckin mids bitch
lame ass wannabee:i'm tellin you this shit is "fire"
me: get the fuck outta my face with that nebraska no-buzz bullshit ass weed before i cave your fuckin chest in nigga
example 2
stupid ass kid:i just got 5.5g's of "fire mids" for 20 bucks!!
me: naw you just got your self a dub of nebraska no-buzz you stupid fuck (rolls purp blunt)
by FUCKYOUPAYME September 18, 2006
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