A combination of the 80s slang adjectives boss and neat. Both of which mean the same thing, essentially. Used when something in your opinion is worthy of praise.
That YardBirds show last night was very Bosso Neato.
by Evil Stan November 27, 2006
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A phrase much like awesome possum and spiffy. Used to express happiness, or agreeability to a situation.
Joe: Oh man, I totally aced that history test.
Mary: Neato Speedo!
by Nasuoni March 6, 2006
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anytime something is neato, devito. It’s gonna be a fucking saying in 100 years.
(created by Hannah Montana)
this is f*cking neato devito!”
by smellybuddy June 1, 2018
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A phrase used by white people (a white-ism) to express excitement in the most cringey way possible
Max: I watched a cool movie today!
Sam: That's neato spagheeto bud
by nutinthesink September 20, 2021
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When something has surpassed the level of neatness and can be thought of as "really neato".
For a perfect example of really neato see Bill McGowan.
by goatseh bill ownz July 7, 2004
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Why, that's Neato-Morabito!
by Kiko February 2, 2004
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agreement of something, or agreement.
"hey man, this shit whack"
"neato burito"
by Morgan June 23, 2004
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