A Jew's tooth fillings.
While cleaning out my grandpa's attic I found a jelly jar full of Nazi gold.
by Mr. Walken September 27, 2006
The orange flavoured softdrink 'fanta' made by the coca cola company.

When the Americans joined world war 2, they stopped supplying the coke mix to the German factories. They made their own drink based on Oranges.
I got tired of coke so I bought some nazi gold
by killgORE May 22, 2005
Nazi gold refers to the gold transferred by Nazi Germany to overseas banks during World War II in exchange for paper money to fuel a faux economic boom in order to finance the Nazi war machine. At the end of the regime the unmarked locations of the gold in Swiss banks, the Vatican bank, and other depositories gave the banks plausible deniability to keep the assets. The present whereabouts of the Nazi gold has been the subject of a Bond film, books, conspiracy theories, and a civil suit brought against European banks in January 2000.
In "Goldfinger", James Bond attempts to bribe Auric Goldfinger with a bar of Nazi gold, claiming to know where the rest is.
by oldParasiteSingle November 18, 2008
The second layer of candy found in a box of chocolates.
"Oh wait, there's some Nazi gold left in this box."
by TWD January 5, 2008
Neocon-nazi-gold refers to money borrowed from China and other big international financial players by Neocon-nazis to fuel a faux economic boom in order to finance the War On Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once doled out to war profiteers, banks, and insurance companies it is notoriously unrecoverable from deep pockets.
You guys are misunderestimating W. Remember that he plans to save us all with his $850 billion Neocon-nazi-gold appropriation to his bestest banker buddies.
by oldParasiteSingle November 18, 2008