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Another name for Ann Coulter, and the title of her next book that will be purchased in droves by brain dead conservatives.
Did you read the latest book by nazi cunt?
by Samurai Sam September 29, 2006
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An overpowering and dictating person; one who is an asshole to the max, and who could care less about others around him/her.
Johnny: Jack is such a dick.. he thinks he owns it all..

Matt: Yeah he's a fucking Nazi Cunt.
by Robby Engelke September 24, 2010
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a very useful insult that I love, I think it is my favorite insult ever. but some women find it degrading.
she's such a nazi cunt, I cant believe she lied about being able to do a kickflip and double impossibe. we all know she was totally lying out of her ass.
by kinky lil freak March 23, 2005
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