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quite possibly the most thrilling and fun person you could be with, Natkay becomes a better and cute person everyday. One day she has the motto of saying "fuck it, who cares?" as a badass the next day she's all about the good vibes and positive radiation. Natkay will look after your back no matter what position you are in. She will listen you your problems and help you out in your most difficult times. Natkay also is a comedian at heart, she will crack jokes at anytime if its dirty, smart or sarcastic she won't bother hiding, but most important of all Natkay is some what between a wallflower and an outgoing person. But you'd also have to learn to not mess with him/her at all, Even if they seem weak or nice. You always have to appreciate and be loyal.
Natkay; funny, outing, loyal, cares, wallflower, appreciation, doesn't bother hiding, cute, will do anything for a relationship
by Blight Howard June 21, 2014
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