You have to give money to every single person you know named Mohammad, but you don’t have to do it if your name is Mohammad
Oh no it’s national Mohammad day, I have to give money to Mohammad now”
by Not Mohammad October 28, 2021
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Finally it’s your chance for newbies hold hands with your crush on December 9-10!❤️
Boyfriend:Give me your hand🖤lets hold hands with you it’s national hold hands with your girlfriend day
Girl friend:okay💖
*Holds hands💓
by Yo mom may December 8, 2019
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29 september is the day when you can slap juba's ass without consequence.
Me: juba let me slap that thicc ass, its national slap juba's ass day!
Juba: Come here daddy!!!
Me: *slap*
by juba's ass lover September 28, 2022
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The 13th of December is National baddie day. The most baddest bitches will most likely to be named Kylee or Kimberly, and they will eat no matter what. Tell all of your friends it’s National Baddie Day!
Hey Kinley, I’m better than you cause my name is on “National Baddie Day”
by Kyleeedddd December 14, 2021
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On April 20th in celebration on national marijuana day, females send booty pics to get the high guys, or regular guys horny
Wow, Jennifer’s ass was looking mighty fat while i was blazed on national send booty pics day.
by MysticalUniverse April 20, 2018
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