(Darth) Vader Nation, are fans of Star Wars' infamous villain, who went to "The Dark Side!"
Star Wars fans, who love its villains, are part of the (Darth) Vader Nation! A joke on Raider Nation!
by jrpgkin May 10, 2022
October 6th, national Lebets (have sex) day!!!!!
Person 1: Today is National Lebets Day!
Person 2: Okay!
by The_Condutor October 7, 2022
On November 11th, you can kidnap any one girl and submit her to the government for illegal human experimentation to stop COVID-19 and other international threats in the future
Boy: Hey it's November 11th
Girl: Ok and
Boy: It's national submit a girl to the government for illegal human experimentation day
Girl: What does that mean
Boy: It means get in the van
by Altruis November 10, 2020
The international holiday where everyone comes together in celebration of not only the airing of Dragon Maid season 2 but the introduction of the critically acclaimed character, Kobayashi's redacted
Aye bro you ready to celebrate National Kobayashi's Thingy Day?
by FF0000 July 7, 2021
a day where everyone is nice to six bc shes the best person i know.
jupiter: heyoo its national appreciate six day!!
six:what is that
jupiter: haha that was funny bestie
by jupitergayming January 2, 2022
National Jisoo week is when blinks will start streaming fan-made jisoo music videos, and her fancams for a whole week. Basically treating it like a new music video until we get a solo. It is celebrated the week of her birthday and the goal every year gets higher by 1 million views.
blink: "Are you streaming the fan made clarity music video for National Jisoo Week?
other blink:" Yes of course I am."
by kay♛ January 21, 2022