December 17th is national cum day, either cum in someone or get cummed in by someone.
"did you here its national cum day, bend the fuck over already."
by wizzro December 17, 2020
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National Cum Day, the one day that men can cum at any point during sex. It doesn't matter if you jiz in your pants, or if it takes you five hours (Lucky S.O.B.)...
Ruth: Hey, you know it's National Cum Day babe? Let's get busy!!
Bob: Too late!!
by Troyfrombsu December 4, 2017
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Cum as hard as you can and as fast as you can with your friends.
e.g compete with one of your friends all day and whoever cums the most by 12:00 am wins the challenge of National Cum Day
by graesenpooford December 14, 2020
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On April 13, all cum socks that have been used are to be disposed of in either an ocean, a lake, or a fire.

Doing this task will grant you the lucky nut for the rest of the year
Happy National Cum Sock Day.
by CumSocks69 April 11, 2019
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National swallow cum day on November 1st.
I’m gonna swallow to day, cause it’s November 1st which means it’s National swallow cum day.
by Dinbbmaja October 15, 2020
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on the 11th of any month it is national cum on your girlfriend day where you can cum on her face or any part of her body
“ayo bro did you know that it’s the 11th of april?”
“no what do special about it”

“it’s national cum on girlfriend day”
oh sick i’ll do it later
by anonymous lmaoaoa May 1, 2021
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On the 20th of November its Cum Jar Day!
Grab a Jar, and get fun going!
Jeez its November 20th National Cum Jar day Already? I'll better start!
by Wazerzapp November 19, 2021
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