a term used to describe the sudden disappearence of someone while on vacation after a random hook up, esp. a young white female.
Be careful in Mexico, don't sleep with random guys or you might natalee holloway.
by marissia June 7, 2006
The medias infatuation with a missing or dead girl because said victim was attractive, usually white and well-off.

Thousands of children, men and women are killed or go missing every day, however if it is a rich, attractive girl you will be forced to see and hear about it constantly until the only remedy is living under a rock or banging one's head into a concrete wall.
1st guy

Yo did you hear that Yolanda Rameriz and Shaniqua Q'uaneefa Jackson were kidnapped and killed last week?

2nd guy

Yeah I heard about it, but don't expect the government or the media to care. Both those girls are from the projects..

Oh yeah! The Natalee Holloway effect!
by BoooooredSHITLESS April 13, 2011