When a girl is so dirty and just hardcore street. She has a killer body. Her face has defined attributes. Plump dsl's. nice eyes bright in color. But a rotten attitude. Kind of ignorant. Out spoken. You can tell showering isn't #1 on her list. her clothes aren't new or always clean. But You just want her soooo damned bad. You go as far as to fantasize about fucking her stinky pussy.
That Homeless girl is so Nasty Hot! I'm Puttin her in the Spank Bank.
by Vandie August 17, 2006
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coffee as viewed by a non-drinker
Nell, while seeing her housemates pouring a fresh pot in the morning, "Guess I'll have me a cup of hot nasty."
by Seano May 3, 2004
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Term used to describe weather that is way too humid and hot for comfort, like Alabama in the middle of August.
by aumd87 August 1, 2008
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Must have 5+ players. Each person will take turns trying to cum in a Hot Pocket, within a timespan of 5 minutes. First person that can't cum in 5 minutes, has to eat the "Nasty Hot Pocket".
Blake: Wanna play "Nasty Hot Pocket" this Saturday??
Xander: Sure! That's my favorite game!
by ilovetotouchlittlekidsofalltyp September 6, 2021
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A weather condition where it is so hot and humid that a layer of moisture forms in between your butt cheeks.
by dtomasek March 8, 2011
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