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It what you call it when you and you're buddies have finally just come up with cool nicknames for a legendary mated pair or couple within your circle, and then they break up, so to retaliate you and your buddies think of crappy nick names to give each separate half of the couple as individuals in hopes that they'll get back together, and you'll be able to use their couple nick names again.
Lester: Where are Itchy and Scratchy, you know cause he always has some kind of rash from his jewellery and she's always mangling him up with her nails.
Fester: We can't call them that anymore. They broke up.
Lester: Dammit. Last time I think up cool nick names for them, from now on I'm calling them Hair and No Hair.
Fester: That might even motivate them to get back together.
Lester: Now you know the plan.
Fester: The name scam, I love it.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 23, 2010
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