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A girl with an awesome personality. Funny and artistic. Once you first talk to her, she’ll probably be shy but once you get comfortable with each other she’ll really bring out her personality.
I met a girl named Nai La.
Nai La’s so funny! 😂
by Definition of Person February 13, 2019
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Naila is a girl who you think is the most gorgeous, beautiful girl you have ever met. Someone who has changed you and made me a better person. She has the best sense of humor out of everyone you know and she has the greatest personality that can brighten your day at the click of a button. Her smile can make you smile every time you see it even when you are just not in the mood to speak to anyone. She has a body that you love no matter if she is usually skinny. You find her eyes to be the most beautiful out of everyone else's. She is the type of girl where you don't have the struggle to not stare at her body. Her brain is the part of her body that you believe is the most important part, she is extremely smart. To you she is so special because you care so much about her that even you find it crazy sometimes. You treat her the way every girl should be treated: like a true princess. You will be there for her every time she is down and out and you will talk to her whenever you get the chance because you care so much. That is the true definition of a perfect girl, Naila
I've known her for only 6 months, we aren't even dating, and I already think Naila is the most perfect girl I have ever met.
by helplessgal March 27, 2017
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A Biblical character who fought Roman soldiers from taking her husband. The name means pertaining to success. Naila is Middle Eastern in origin and refers to a dark, long-haired beauty who is quite charismatic and yet mysterious, an individual who is endowed with an independent spirit offset by stubbornness, grace under pressure, and the Nietzschean will to power. Nailas of the world go on to conquer whatever goals they set for themselves and infrequently take no for an answer. Nailas are self-sacrificing, brave, intelligent, noble, and beautiful. Regardless of hardships and suffering, Naila will remain steadfast and strong, loving and considerate, a believer in the goodness of humankind.
success pertaining to success successful

Naila is pretty cool, don'tcha think?
by Auralfix November 27, 2010
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A crazy yet wild and lovable woman who will threaten you one moment then smile and laugh with you the next.
Even after I messed up Naila was still cool about the situation.
by kp9d2 November 28, 2010
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A girl of joy and beauty. She is very intelligent and good at keeping secrets. She laughs 24/7 and doesn’t care what people say about her. She has a lot of friends and is very trustworthy. She is strong and doesn’t take any bs from anyone. She usually has 2 best friends a hella crazy one and a sweet and caring one.
Today at school naila was a fucking bulldog when she heard jayda was chatting bs about her.
by Abbiestar123 May 06, 2019
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A person who thinks Shaymin comes from Generation 2
Person: "Naila, who's your second favorite Pokémon"
Naila: "It's that legendary Pokémon from Johto"
by Mkcoolness February 03, 2019
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(1)A term of South Asian origin, with roots in both Urdu and Malayalee, describing a perfect couple or a perfect love.

(2)Expression used casually in Grenada and other Caribbean islands as an inevitable pairing between a man and woman who didn't know each other before coming to the islands.
-"This couple getting married couldn't be more perfect for each other"
- "You're right. They're definitely a Naila!"
by DrShadyZ May 15, 2010
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