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A really sexy little mexican with an ever so nice chulo. See also:
OMG, I would do that Nacho in the behind in a split second!
by Beef Curtain October 19, 2006
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The female nacho is the equivalent to the male grundle; the area between the vagina and the anus; "nacho pussy and nacho ass".
Mary kicked Jane in the nacho.
by i hate niggers July 4, 2005
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Used to indicate what does NOT belong to you
by Al December 23, 2003
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I found a wheel of cheese in the street and took it home. My wife asked me what type of cheese what is, I said Nacho Cheese. She asked how I knew that. I said it was because a man was running down the street yelling, 'thats Nacho cheese, thats nacho cheese'.
by T February 13, 2004
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The skin between the balls and the penis. Because it's "not 'cho balls and its not 'cho dick"
I'm gonna punch you in the nacho.
by Der Dorfmeister August 9, 2008
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a "dude" who obviously is trying waaaayyy to hard to look,be,act cool..he is way into working out an looking "big"'s all mostly creatine or dball muscles though..dresses in whatever he sees the trendy style is on mtv or tmz that hardy, affliction, etc....(soooowhack)..and to top it off def takes wayyyy longer to get ready to leave the house than is health girlfriend. (bronzer, gel, tweez....pushups...lines of creatine)...almost always a guido but depends on what coast they live on.
wow...did you see how nacho that dude is? he's 5'3" but just parked his monster truck f350 outside
by saneycakes August 12, 2010
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Then wierd funky smelling place between your balls and your sphincter.
by Blue, AkA "FatherNature October 8, 2005
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