A Nacho is a very kind hearted man, he's sweet AF a very happy go luckyguy whom will make u smile in a instant..just being around this person will change ur mood in a second and his huge smile can light up a room.
Have u seen Nacho? Wow he's so dreamy! U gotta meet urself a Ignacioin ur lifetime.
by TINAZ.CASTITO January 21, 2019
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slang word for pot coined by a group of high school kids from northern VA (which spread quickly as far north as Boston, as far south as Savannah) both in honor of their favorite food and as another name for their favorite recreational drug. This name has been tested and proven for safe use in public.
In history class and across the room, "Hey man, those nachos we had this weekend were fantastic."
"Yeah I know what you mean, I stuffed myself with nachos all weekend."
by Jake W. September 6, 2005
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A small boy that never see's his girlfriend because she is always "busy"
Wow he is such a nacho he hasn't seen his girlfriend in ages
by youknowwhothinsis69 May 29, 2020
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a chip to dip in salsa or melted cheese. goes well with a soda :)
"They brought a big bag of nachos, and it was tasty."
by Santa December 27, 2002
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Something you say to someone when they tell you to do something but you don't wan't to do it. Then after yelling nacho at someone for awhile you say nacho bitch
Mom:"Bob could you bring in the groceries"
Mom:"What are you talking about?"
Me:"Nacho Bitch!"
by >Kevin February 17, 2011
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