The word "nààb" (and later on "naab") is derived from the word n00b meaning newb, newbie or beginner in internet slang.
Etymology: on azerty keyboards the "à" is on the same key as the "0": shift+"à" gives "0".
In the heat of a squabble people sometimes miss their shift key and end up typing nààb instead of n00b. Of course these people are so l33t that there typos become new words.
n00blet: "omg I emptied an entire mag in his face!"
l33tard: "nààb!"
by Bassie December 01, 2004
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A variant of noob, used in CS (counterstrike), an abbreviation of newbie, i.e. a beginning, inexperienced player. Easily defeated, makes errors of protocol as well.
"Don't frag him, he's a naab"
by Paul May 23, 2004
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Someone who is new to a game or software etc.
Often used bij CS (=counterstrike)players
That player is a real naab
by Spinner March 14, 2004
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"Naab" means "hello" in the native language of the organisms living on the surface of the planet X55446.
Many use the shortened term "Naababababaaaaaaaaaaaab" which translates to "Hi"
by mynameisnotomar April 07, 2009
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Naab- a person, who is fun, silly at times, loves to chill and do crazy things.. is kinda like a dardevil.. everyone knows this person. this person is cute , skinny, likes to show off ... loves there cell, loves their computer , and much much more. Loves Music! and likes to hook up ( haha) jk. (JK- just kidding)... This person can be sweet and this person can also be the biggest bitch on the street. haha well this is about Naab and I must say i love this person to death!
Naab is walking than just trips and gets hurt and does it all over again.
by Cetta September 23, 2006
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