A place where 15 year old girls go to pretend they're 19 only to end up getting raped by 40 year old men who go there to pretend they're 17.
some preppie username like calibunny87: "Liek omagawd rtfm lol liek myspace sooo kewl dewd omg heerz my pixxx, r ent thei gr8?" =3-(o ;| }<:\

I swear to god im 17: (While fapping his dick off) "yeah, where do you live?"
by 53 September 17, 2005
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a place to write pointless, overly wordy, bad descriptions of your daily life as if anyone is interested in the food stuck in your teeth. Pretentious, presumptuous hacks writting to prove people will read anything, find anything worth commenting on in order convey to the writer that everyone else is indeed interested in the food in their teeth.
myspace is a place to publicly describe and defend ones own lack of integrity, a place for irresponsible, reckless judgment of others, a place to gather support for your position by describing one biased angle of a lie.
A complete lack of self awareness is required to continue on as a myspace addict.
The very best feature of myspace is definitely emo scenesters that claim to be about personal health, environmental and political causes, bettering the world, loving others while they gather and hoard comments, friends, post new pictures, post lame lists and excruciating detailed accounts of their daily life, try and look thinner, thinner, thinner, hotter, sexier, ego stroking all day, everyday. While endlessly claiming global love, local truth and a committed desire to evolve and enlighten others.
"Oh my god I was flossing my teeth this morning and I just couldn't figure out what it was I pulled out from between my teeth and gums, is is chicken? It couldn't be chicken, I don't eat meat, maybe it's tofu? I showed it to my roommate and she thought it was cheese, then I remembered I had baked bread and brie last night, so that must be it. Then I thought wow I better run to my computer and blog about this experience on myspace."
by thetruthlovesme July 18, 2005
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Myspace is absolutly nasuating in every aspect of the word. Besides the fact that it celebrates a mass collection of emo/scene kids, this disgusting site is primarily used for insecure girls to post pictures of their half naked bodies. They do this in hopes of recieving countless comments on "how hott they are," from as many random people as possible, not ever considering the fact that all of these ego boosting comments are only placed for one of 2 reasons: 1.) The party posting the comment is hoping to recieve an equally flattering comment in return 2.) The party posting is in fact a pedophile/ pervert/ horney teen hoping to "get some"/ social outcast using flattery as a means of making new friends/ or dunb teen bimbo trying to appeal to the "boys" by commenting on how hott her female friend is. Im so sick and tired of seeing a group of teen girls in a photo, complete with an alcoholic beverage in thier hand, all dressed in some sort of skany theme outfits. It seems as though they are pretending to be Paris Hilton "out on the town," "at a major event" where they all have to dress alike, in skank gear of course, because god knows all we need is to see more 17 year old tits, asses, and "drunken lesbianism." And what is the deal with all these dumb broads taking pictures of themselves? I can just picture these idiots sitting in their rooms for hours, trying to get the "perfect pic" to put on their myspace intended to rack in the compliments. How low have these people gotten? Also, so many of these bitches claim to be "models." Give me a fucking break. The internet has clearly gone to far, playing with the minds of the insecure, the weak, and the young. Get some self confidence people! Love yourself, quit myspace.
Like Oh my gosh girlzz, we so have to dress up in our like, really sexy duplicate outfits this weekend cause a like 26 year old guy is having a like totally awesome house party and he wants all us highschoolers to cum! We have to make sure to remember our cameras, and make sure to be like posed and making a sexy, seductive face at all times, because we have to have hot pics to put on our myspace so everyone can see how cool and hott we are! And oh my gosh, like, dont forget to have a beer in your hand, because everyone needs to know how hardcore we are! Like, Oh my gosh, like underage drinking makes us like so cool. We have to stand next to random hott guys and take pictures so we can look like we hang out with really cool people! Maybe we can even dance on a table and show our boobies! Everyone will c how hott we are! Thank god for myspace, because now everyone can see how cool we are!
by Cyndi Lynne January 05, 2006
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online website for making 'friends', and over 70% people up there will have the following things in their profiles:

1. has 'tila tequila' as their friend
2. the music they like include: my chemical romance, the used, green day, killers, or kottonmouth kings
3. they all hate drama and fake people
4. have a music video playing on their page
5. your computer is more likely to freeze when log on people's pages if you have an older model due to the over-decoration.
6. we will see this "This profile was edited with Thomas' myspace editor" somewhere in their profile

that's all I can think of right now
70% of myspace people have some taste of music.......
by vinny May 23, 2005
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A place where you meet I-whores and fuck the living shit out of them through your PC's monitor.

When a MySpace I-whore tells you their age, add 25 to it and you should be close. Also, change the gender.
18/F/Cali ~ Hey you got a My Space?

Normal human ~ Fuck off you fag.
by Stevie B the bounty hunter November 09, 2005
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People shouldn't be so hard on Myspace. It's a good site. It’s basically a form of natural selection that helps to lower the population of stupid little spoiled rich shallow teenage girls, by having them raped and killed by internet predators.
Stupid little whore gets murdered by a myspace pedophile.
Her fault.
She should have learned how to use the internets properly.
by FlyEvolution February 20, 2006
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A site purely developed to make you feel like shit. A huge popularity contest. A way for teeny boppers to conform themselves even more, and for internet pedophiles to finally find friends.
Omg I was on myspace and I saw tha hawtessst boi everrr!!
by Angry Ex-myspace-er April 24, 2005
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