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You’re so shook my someone that they rock your little no show socks from Payless off.
Daddy Aziz you are sooooo hot and sexy!! You rock my world”
by Toodleberrycatcher101 February 13, 2018
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Used when one wants to rid another from their personal mindspace. (mostly used by schitzos)
This is my parkin' lot! Don't do that here! Get outta my world..!
by misterzero October 13, 2003
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Movie reference from the Adam Sandler film “Happy Gilmore” in which a nursing home orderly, played by Ben Stiller, authoritatively tells Happy’s grandmother that he "runs the show" at the nursing home.
Grandma: Sir, can I trouble you for a warm glass of milk? It helps me go to sleep.
Nursing Home Orderly: You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up. Now, you will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You're in my world now, grandma.

Friend 1: You are beating me in one-on-one basketball by a score of 20-0!
Friend 2: You're in my world now, grandma.
by nws December 24, 2008
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The best day of the week to tell your boss "I quit!!" or walk out on an employer.

"TGIF" for the disgruntled employee.
BOSS: "I'm gonna fire you if you do that again"
EMPL: "It's a kiss my ass and color my world Thursday!! You can shove this job up your ass!!! I quit!!!"
by TammyTime1991 November 4, 2010
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Someone who makes you happy.
Oh Man, Maz is the best graff artist ever, he rocks my party world!
by Simply Kizzy May 31, 2008
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