literally the worst place u could ever think of . mlhs is full fake bitches who think that they're so popular and cute but in fact they're actually just insecure pieces of shit that go around gossiping about everyone just to fill the void inside them. the school is basically a shit hole that thinks it tops and outstands every other school in jeddah when in real life there isn't one successful student there except for a couple girls in seventh grade of course . The principal of the secondary section is extremely full of herself and thinks that she can boss everyone around like they're her servants (including the students btw ) She forbiddes anything and everything because in her mind that's what proper education is like , moreover its a complete waste of money. She also has a little side chick (she's a teacher) that she's taking full advantage of but oh well. Basically everything is horrible from the uniforms , students , education , teachers , principals all the way to the building itself . if u have eVer considered transferring schools to mlhs , think again . please .
concerned student looking for proper education : Have you ever heard of my little house school ? , im thinking of transferring there

Me : * even more concerned for the person because they're actually , in fact , asking to die*
by dontactlikeyouknowwhothisis December 29, 2019
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