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What happens when you have 300% more mom than you do dad? You get a fucked up childhood. Children with more than two moms tend to hate "your mom" jokes, and the questions that follow them, like "which one?" Lesbians, as we all know, are sex crazy mother fuckers. Imagine having to live with that. And you know when your one mom is on her period, and she's a raging bitch? Imagine having to deal with that twice a month.
Ben: hey Logan, your mom is a lesbian. Ha.
Logan: My moms a lesbian. But At least i have a mom you choch.
Ben:... Can i have one?
Logan: For 10.99 a month, she's yours.
Ben: Any price is worth the gift of motherhood
by ChompyBlancaExoticButtChochMan December 12, 2016
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