A joke that involves making fun of your own mom, made popular by Muscleman from the Regular Show.
The basic format is

You know who else _____(action)_____
Person 1: I like using the computer.
Person 2:You know who else likes using the computer, MY MOM!!!
More examples:
You know who else needs supervision, MY MOM!!!
You know who else rocks this hard, MY MOM!!!!
You know who else has the best tacos in the city, MY MOM!!!
You know who else says ugh, MY MOM!!!
my mom jokes rule
by Antas May 26, 2011
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when you are about to rat on your parents for something they dont want other people to hear.
my mom and dad called you round eye.
by nobody else here March 20, 2017
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a "reality" dating show, that has even worse acting and one-liners than all the other shitty MTV dating shows. The object of the show is someone dating the candidates mother, one of which is hotter than their daughter, and one team of girls are insanely fat.
1. MTVeenager- LyKe OmGz Dat mI mOM WuZ S00000000 GooD L4sTN1GhT!11!!11!! LOLERZ
me- *dies*

2. Date My Mom has worse acting than internet hardcore.
by ThroatSlit May 07, 2006
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When you teacher thinks you are talking about porn but you really saw your mom in the browser
Yo! My mom is on the browser!
by Momonthebrowser October 23, 2018
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A sad excuse to get out of something...
Friend:You wanna jump off the Himalayas with me?
Wimp:I think my mom's calling!
Next Day, BEEp! Text: having so much fun at the himalayas wish u came?
Wimp:No, I"m trying something new
Friend:Oh, what is it?
Wimp: Got to go my mom is calling!
Few min later, Wimp: Phew, I should say this more often!
by dictionary_peep November 13, 2019
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