"dude, omg. my moms trying to increase taxes. i hate her!" or "that republican bitch. i hope she dies"
by crackersam April 27, 2003
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some whore addicted to crack who fucks a diff. guy every night 4 pleasure.
Dude mym mom is so fuckin Gross!
by Shea April 06, 2003
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shes a hoe that has no life and wont let me hav one, shes ways to protective and calls me a hoe, she only trust very few friends and thinks the other ones are criminals which they arint that fuckin hoe
Whoa shit man my moms way to protective
by PYRO October 11, 2004
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A bitch ass whore who sells crack in the dark alley with a side of pussy
“Hey have you seen mymom recently?”

“Last time i saw her she was getting fucked by a watermelon”
by meme.stealer9000 April 01, 2018
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A person with a big fat heart ,is sweat and kind
My mom is not her jo voetsek
by Sugaboi October 01, 2020
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