How the hell does the crap above this get into urbandictionary....cmon people..we need editors that actually read it..not just click and go "next".......this is ridicoulous...i submitted something that was actually real...its used around here but then this stuff gets put in
man that stuff is mega crapzorz..i'dnt it..my mom writes better stuff than that
by what tha mangorino November 17, 2005
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The most dumb, gay, annoying answer ever when you ask someone where did they come from, when you mean the town, state, or city they came from.

When "Rachel" introduces "Lauren" (a friend from another town who came to visit her school for a day) to all her friends,
her friend "Gabby" asks her a question.

Gabby: Hey, where did you come from?
Rachel: My mom.
by Twilght_girl_0012 February 08, 2009
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She’s beautiful and caring and is incredible 😎✌️🧑
My mom is the best!
via giphy
by Layla12345 September 22, 2019
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A person who wont pick me up from school when im terribly sick
My Mom is something
by YannyBemaurel September 23, 2019
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my mom is the fattest most grossest uglyest bitch ever to walk the earth
and has a dick
by jake April 06, 2003
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She’s a witch, please call Child-Services
My mom is gonna kill me if I tell her I ate all he Ice-Cream, damn I’m fat.
by HeyMyNameIsUnknown April 13, 2019
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