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A cartoon series. Popular among 8 year olds and 13-25 year olds, it has become a widely popular internet meme. The characters include party pony Pinkie Pie, country gal Applejack, bookworm unicorn Twilight Sparkle, fashionista Rarity, tomboy racer Rainbow Dash, shy quiet Fluttershy, and baby dragon Spike. The characters discover new things about friendship each day and write about them in a letter to Princess Celestia. It is a cute show with good animation and it's pretty funny too.
Bob: Dude did you watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic last night?
Douche: fag...
Bobs friend: Shut up Douche nobody likes you. MLP is fucking awesome!

Bob: My favorite part was when Fluttershy...
by CJRox01 July 02, 2011
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the greatest show on earth. haters have never seen it. if they've seen it and still hate it, they have no soul. twilight sparkle, applejack, rainbowdash, pinkie pie, rarity, and fluttershy represent everything friendship is. and therefore, magic.
Brony: Omg, My little pony friendship is magic is so legit
Hater: Ew, what a little kid
Brony: Have you ever seen it?
Hater: Ew, why would I EVER watch THAT show?

22 minutes later

Former Hater: whoa...
by coco colored cutie June 15, 2012
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