A phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew .It is away to express reliability . It's equivalent to "in my mother life" .
He: did you look at my girl friend ?
Me : in my life I didn't even looked at her
by David March 24, 2005
My Life Is one neat package shipped for heaven to hell to lastly earth.
OI' MY LIFE IS not great...
by ChocolateWaffles September 25, 2017
A complete joke that I have considered to be a horrible mess so I decide to make jokes about it
Friend:Hey your really funny
Me:No I’m just really sad because my life is a complete joke
by Bitches love long words March 18, 2018
i am dead inside we were all meant to die anyways there is no reason in livin anymore
by AwsomeBDD February 23, 2018
My life is basic wanting to die.
Yo dude that's My life.
by Raman Packets November 21, 2019