A self obsessed person who constantly posts everything in their lives on social media.
That new girl at the gym annoys me, she's a "LOOK AT MY LIFE".
by Mr. Two Plusthree October 13, 2021
When somebody does ignorant shit, or doesn’t listen to you when you tell them the right thing to do.
by marvshub June 25, 2021
Laughing so f***ing hard that you feel lifeless after this episode.
"Oh god. Jessica told me what her boyfriend did last night and Im laughing my life away.
by Minediie December 19, 2016
A person that you will always care for and adore. The type of person you call darling, you hug and kiss. The person you love dearly. ilysm Dylan
Dylan is the love of my life” 💗😣
the best person in the world! the best youve ever met. the one you love the most. the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

like jared! of course.
jared youre the love of my life <3
by jared is my baby February 1, 2021