Statement used to command one to give you a hand job.
Hey you fuckin whore,since your snatch begun gushing blood like she's catering a fuckin vampire festival ,you want my piss -pop sloshswaggle in that muthafukin peter -pit that you call a mouth, so say aahhh toots now bring your ass this way and joggle my cock! !!
by Gruff-Wite April 26, 2017
what you say to your 75 year old aunt with the gigantic tits.
aunt frieda?
yes johnny?
my pee pee feels funny.
oh johny, thats just an erection! here look at my naked hangy tits.
aunt frieda...suck my cock.
by tony January 25, 2004
When someone wants a guy (sexually, romantically, whatever), they are sweating his cock.
Scott: You are totally sweating my cock, aren't you.

Liz: Shut up Scott.

Scott: You totally want me.
by October 25, 2007
When a person or act is found to be so annoying that it actually creates feelings of anger and pain, almost as if someone is bending your cock.
It bends my cock
by Airborne Les October 7, 2009
An insult and the ultimate comeback to belittle someone who has just belittled you.
Can be used to end a verbal argument, but can lead to a fist fight.
Reporter: Just answer the question!
Trump: Don’t talk to me that way, you’re just a light weight.
Reporter: And you're the cheese off my cock.
by de-pube February 2, 2021
To Chill; to sit around and relax; to have a lazy day; to run cumbersome errands; to be a hermit; wasting time; household chores
(A) Hey girl, do you want to go to the mall with me?

(B) No, not today....I'm just gonna sit around and whack my cock. Whack...whack
by Vdubs24 June 5, 2011