Your best answer to any politically correct snowflake telling you that you shouldn't do something you like because it's "offensive/problematic". In another words, because it hurts the fee-fees of the said snowflake. An equivalent to the classic "Go fuck yourself".
"By what metric are these things unacceptable? If the metric is 'I don't like them', the answer is 'Suck my cock'. ... Because THAT is the exact same motivation as you saying to other people 'You shouldn't wear Halloween costumes'. The basis is, you saying 'I don't like it' and my basis for saying you to 'Suck my cock' is 'I DO like it', both of those just based on what we fucking feel like."

Sargon of Akkad, regarding Netflix's infamous series known as "Dear White People".
by Ravaging Madman March 6, 2017
Originated from the name vincent van gogh (gogh pronounced as khok). Means between the lines of “suck my dick” and “fucking ‘til sunrise
-Man, shrek 2 really sucks
- You know what Sharon? you can vincent my cock

- They’re kinda hot, lowkey wish we could vincent my cock
by qwerty kiv November 19, 2020