A person from the religion "Islam". They're regular human beings, but others somewhat look down on them for some shit reason. Bombing? Well, it's not like it's only Muslims that are terrorists, so I feel confused.
James: Muslims are terrorists.
by Weeping_Willows June 03, 2017
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A religon that is being discriminated by everyone becuase people who called them selves "muslims" Hurt innocent people's live (mat they R.I.P). Muslim, a religon that frowns apon violence but keeps getting accused of using it. Muslim, a religon that had enough. Muslim, a religon that will fight back but with words, peacefully and calmly, without the use of bombs.
Person one," Hey, can you believe what that muslims doing in our country? Who do they think they are?

Me," Well, I'm a muslim and I'm pretty sure that person is living and considering that he's in our school he is leagal. Which is more you can say about hot columbus took America."
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by Living Proud June 05, 2017
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Unlike the meanings on here.
Muslim, Is one who practices Islam.
Person 1 : I know nothing about Muslims yet I seem to speak idiot talk.
Person 2: It's fine, Just stop talking illogical shit about my religion and I.

Person 3: Yeah, If you wanna shit on it use actual shit.
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by FuckIllogicalPeople July 15, 2017
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Muslims are the people who believe in Mohammed and the Quran. They follow the religion of Islam. This is the actual definition, the lil bitches who wrote terrorists or they bomb people on the Muslim definition, are incorrect and indeed a lil ignorant bitch.
"Hey dad, I think I'm going to transition into a Muslim"

"Well son, go ahead. I support your decision"
by FuckRacists:) May 24, 2017
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Muslim people follow the religion of Islam
a Muslim country/ state
a Muslim family
by Pundit.G September 07, 2016
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Someone who follows the religion of Islam and is often misrepresented negatively by the media. 99.99999999 % are peaceful people that want to get on with other people and their own lives.
That dude who follows the Islamic faith is a muslim
by mojo_jojo2k11 January 07, 2012
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Muslims are people who follow the monotheistic religion of Islam. They are not a satanic cult that want to wipe Christianity and Judaism off this planet, no. Instead, they are normal, peaceful people just like everyone else who wake up, drink coffee, go to work, spend time with family. These are the REAL Muslims. FAKE Muslims are those assholes who brainwash young guys to blow shit up (Osama). Those guys just happen to be terrorists, and same goes for the assholes blowing stuff up in the 90s, those guys just happen to be white. I'm not trying to turn you against anybody, so don't go and somehow tie bad stuff with me. What people say about the Quran, the holy book of Islam, is not true at all. First off, over three fourths of them don't even know what the fuck the Quran says, and looks up translations from the Internet, which is also filled with bullshit about Islam. Come to think of it, those terrorists are like the rednecks of America, they are unedumacated, they always blow something up, and they have the worst accent in their languages. If you hear a normal Arabian girl, say in Dubai, talk, there is a 99.99% chance you will jizz your pants. Same with a normal American girl, you hear them talk, you jizz your pants (I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for voices). But anyways, yeah, that's pretty much what you need to know. Lets summarize this shit, Muslims are not all terrorists, just like all other races.
White guy: Hey dude look at that Muslim over there, lets stay away from him.
White guy 2: Yeah man, seriously, those guys are cool as shit, just talk to them for a while.
Brown guy: Im used to this bro.
Asian guy: I berieve that from our position, China is exactly 45* West of us.
by Lover of All 69 April 29, 2013
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