Muslims are people who follow the monotheistic religion of Islam. They are not a satanic cult that want to wipe Christianity and Judaism off this planet, no. Instead, they are normal, peaceful people just like everyone else who wake up, drink coffee, go to work, spend time with family. These are the REAL Muslims. FAKE Muslims are those assholes who brainwash young guys to blow shit up (Osama). Those guys just happen to be terrorists, and same goes for the assholes blowing stuff up in the 90s, those guys just happen to be white. I'm not trying to turn you against anybody, so don't go and somehow tie bad stuff with me. What people say about the Quran, the holy book of Islam, is not true at all. First off, over three fourths of them don't even know what the fuck the Quran says, and looks up translations from the Internet, which is also filled with bullshit about Islam. Come to think of it, those terrorists are like the rednecks of America, they are unedumacated, they always blow something up, and they have the worst accent in their languages. If you hear a normal Arabian girl, say in Dubai, talk, there is a 99.99% chance you will jizz your pants. Same with a normal American girl, you hear them talk, you jizz your pants (I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for voices). But anyways, yeah, that's pretty much what you need to know. Lets summarize this shit, Muslims are not all terrorists, just like all other races.
White guy: Hey dude look at that Muslim over there, lets stay away from him.
White guy 2: Yeah man, seriously, those guys are cool as shit, just talk to them for a while.
Brown guy: Im used to this bro.
Asian guy: I berieve that from our position, China is exactly 45* West of us.
by Lover of All 69 April 29, 2013
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Being a Muslim; Islam, is NOT being a terrorist. Muslim is a religion just like all the others. Muslims practice on being peaceful, respecting not only others but yourself, and showing your appreciation and love towards god whenever you can. They pray 5 times everyday to show how much we love God and how thankful we are for everything He does. Like most other religions, Muslims do NOT accept violence, killing/hurting of others or yourself. Most women wear a scarf around their heads; hijabs, and cover themselves head to toe. They save themselves for they're future husbands. They respect themselves and God enough to cover themselves completey to find someone who will look past the physical apearences and love them for who they are. Islam is basically like Christianity except we don't believe the Jesus is the son of god, Muslims don't praise him - or anyone more than God himself. They DO believe in Jesus, but as a prophet. Muslims believe, just like Christianity and Judaism, the story of Adam and Eve So before you go and judge a Muslim by saying they're a terrorist go and actually read up on who Muslims actually are; what they stand for. You can't judge a whole religion from the acts of those who also don't know what it is to be a Muslim. Rest a sure that by the eyes of Muslims terrorist are seen as sinners.
Muslims are religious people. Islam is a religion like all others.
by MIsForMe December 27, 2013
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Muslims are people who believe that there is only one god and Prophet Muhammed is his messenger. they call this one god - ALLAH. they follow the religion islam.
Example of "Muslim" -Indonesia is full of Muslims.
by am a believer of islam . December 10, 2013
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ok, can we put a real definition here? A muslim is someone who follows mohammed and islam. simple as that. not all muslims are terrorists, but i agree that most terrorists are muslim. calling all muslims terrorists is like saying all christians are ignorant jesus freaks that believe the earth is the center of the universe and science is evil and blah blah blah.
I'm muslim and i agree most terrorists are muslim but that doesnt mean all muslims are terrorists. Thats only the pissed off ones in the middle east that kill themselves.
by O.Z. tha O.G. September 22, 2010
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Prevalent post 9/11 mindset towards an individual.A Persons beliefs/customs are often related with violent extremist acts just like christian terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh or the northem Ireland groups in previous years.
-Misconception:ALL terrorists are muslims, Timothy McVeigh was Christian,white american nextdoor boy,former US soldier.he is often call criminal instead of terrorist. Had he had less pale skin or foreing parents he would be called muslim terrorist.

Previous paranoias of the americana :comunism, totalitarism, fashism, sexysm.Post 9/11 terrorism, extremism.

"Hey Rijhad whats up? Havent seen u in a while, planing a muslim move on freedom tower?"

Rijhad: "Nah, cant board a plane no more, my hemorrhoids prevent TSA from performing any enhanced inspection techniques!"
by RomacIn December 06, 2012
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Muslims are people who follow the religion of Islam and worship Allah. They believe Prophet Muhammad as the prophet of Allah and yadi yadi yada. But sadly, Muslims are one of the most stereotyped people ever. They are stereotyped as inhuman barbarians only seeking out to kill, rape, blast and whatever worst things that the media or whatever has to offer. I for a fact know that Muslims back in the 7th-12th century did conquer and bring a lot of place under their control from Spain to India. But tell me any empires that was born through peace and love? None. That doesn't make Islamic empires an exception. Yet even if they conquered a lot of territories, they enhanced knowledge, architecture, philosophies and many other stuffs. But nobody likes to think about that and only think that they conquered and did nothing besides kill and rape. Looking in modern times, media has heavily shoved down to our throats that Muslims = Ruffians, Thugs, Rapist etc. But in reality they are kind hearted. Fuck the media and the internet. I live in a Muslim country(Oman). Surrounding me are Muslims, yet there are no explosions and gunfire as people think. The media idolizes the extreme or radical Muslims who are not true Muslims or are just wannabes who do all the killing and stuff. And most of all, urban dic(k)tionary is no place for knowing the truth about Muslims or Islam. And if you're and anti-Muslim who is going to dislike this definition and think it is wrong, getta a life you fucking biatch.
Ignorant biatch : Hey imagine a world without Muslims, wouldn't it be amazing?
Anti-islamphobe : Yeah I agree. There would be no America, no enlightenment of Europe from the Dark ages, no internet, therefore no urban dictionary and most of all you wouldn't be living like this if you are born in this century in a parallel universe same as ours where Islam never exists. Biatch, stop being ignorant and read history and stop stereotyping all 1.5 billion for a few radicals!!!!
by sonofahuman November 09, 2014
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A follower of the religion Islam, the second most spread religion in the world after Christianity with a population of over than 1.5 billion.

According to the holy book of Islam Quran, and the teachings of last prophet Muhammad, a Muslim needs to always be polite, humble, patient, loving and well mannered when he/she deals with others, whether they were Muslims or non-Muslims.
A Muslim should tolerate others and live peacefully among them.

Allah Almighty certainly doesn't love those who are offensive and rude to others.

Bad acts by some followers of any religion shouldn't be a standard to judging a whole belief system.
There is a great misunderstood about Muslims and Islam due to the bad acts of some misguided Muslims.
by shima90 April 04, 2010
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