1)A term usually assigned to mid-sizd, American cars produced in the mid 60's to mid 70's with oversized engines and light chassis.

2) Any rear-whel drive car made to go fast.
1) This hemi roadrunner is a classic example of a muscle car.

2) My big block Chevette can really fuck up some import crap!!
by DoctorThrottle April 28, 2004
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Late model 2-door (usually) American car with a muscular appearance and more displacement, HP, and TORQUE than 3-5 rice motors (aka hamsters). Minimal cost/speed ratio; no JDM bling required for coolness. Destroys rice cars on impact. Large and comfortable, especially for those who aren't 5'5" and 120 lbs.

Occasionally seen sporting a slight lift in rear suspension. Internals are easy to access for maintenance/upgrade, unlike certain other vehicles (coff coff). Contrary to popular belief, will run until the apocalypse if the oil is changed every 3000 miles

Fast stock.
There's no replacement for displacement.

Muscle Car Driver: "Hey, how bout this: we race with 6 people in each car"
Ricer: "*GULP*"
Muscle Car Driver: "That's what I thought"

How many muscle era imports do you see driving around? Case-in-Point
by Big Tim July 09, 2004
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A muscle car is a mid-sized, generally American car from the early 1950s mid 1970s. Muscle cars are generally blessed with V8s, high horsepower, alot of tourqe and a great power-to-weight ratio. Some of the most popular models are the Corvette, Mustang, El Camino, Thunderbird, Firebird and Chevelle. The original muscle cars were genrally lower priced but when they returned in the 1980s and 90s, they were more expensive and sometimes less powerful. Anyway, most muscle cars do not need modification to reach high preformance but if they are modified, they will kick ass. The astetics of the car is ussually left stock, but if it is changed, it will be througgh decals and paint only, almost never a body-kit.
Muscle Car vs. Ricer
Joe: I got a pimped out tricked out Civic can go real fast, I bet i could beat you.
Doug: Hell no, my 35 year old Charger will chew you up, it's got a Hemi.
Joe: well mine looks pimp
Doug: I didn't know pink bumpers with a Boeing 747's wing on the back.
by northendwhitetrash May 20, 2007
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A car that should be respected by all americans even if they drive ricers.

A car that will go 0-60 in 5 seconds but will guzzle gas 20x faster than a honda
Hey man did you see that muscle car beat that civic? Ya man but look he's at the gas staition again.
by n wangster d October 09, 2003
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1. First and foremost, it must be made in AMERICA! Fuck yeah!
2. Rear drive only!
3. Must have a V8 95% of the time, with some domestic turbo 6s counted (Grand National, anniversary Firebird turbo, etc.)
4. Must have 2 doors 95% of the time, except in cases of old hotrod wagons or, barely, the new Charger Hemi.

Things automatically barring a car from being a muscle car:
1. Being made in Asia or Europe, or by a foreign country in the US.
2. Being front- or 4-wheel drive.
3. Having an engine with less than 6 or more than 8 cylinders, and must have forced induction if a 6.
4. Having more than 4 doors.
Muscle Car Timeline:
1949 - Olds introduces the Rocket 88, featuring cool styling, and a Kettering-designed OHV V8 producing 135hp from 303ci and a 7.5:1cr.
1955 - Chrysler introduces the Hemi-powered C300 luxury car. It's advanced 300hp powerplant gives it a top speed of 130mph, making it, at the time, the fastest production car in the world.
1957 - The hideous but fast AMC Rambler Rebel was made this year, featuring a 327ci engine.

1964 - Not since the 50s had their been a performance car this popular. Approved for production by John Delorean, the GTO was truely incredible for its time, with the optional 348hp Tri-Carb engine (and proper gearing) launching it to 60mph in 6 seconds; that's on 6"-wide tires! Unfortuneatly, no disc brakes were available. :(
1964-65 - In just a year or so, several prominent muscle cars were introduced by GM and Ford.
1968 - ChryCo brings out the infamous Road Runner and SuperBee models, favoring low options and big engines for incredible performance. Indeed, a 69 Hemi RR was capable of 0-60 sprints in the low 5-second range, all while driving on bias-ply tires (read: shitty) measuring about 7"-wide.
1971 - Facing raising gas prices and increasing insurance payments, manufacturers were forced to reduce compression on their engines, dropping power in large amounts.
1974 - Import econoboxes take over as the oil embargo swells and the last of the muscle cars die off, mere shells of their former glory.

Examples of Muscle Cars:
- AMC Javelin and AMX
- Buick GS models
- Chevy SS models
- Dodge R/T models
- Ford GT and XR models
- Plymouth Cudas, Dusters, RR/GTXs, and more
- Pontiac GTO and Firebird models

The average muscle car was capable of:
5.5 to 6.5s 0-60 sprints
12 to 14s 0-100 sprints
120-140mph top speeds
.80g skidpad #s (not bad for 18:1 steering and 7" tires)
58-63mph slalom speeds (see above parenthesis)
70-0 braking distances in the range of 120-135ft. (thats even good today!)

And 12-13mpg.
by KickOutTheJamsMotherF*ckers March 14, 2006
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Any of a number of powerful automobiles with front engines and rear wheel drive produced from the early '60s until the present. To be considered a true muscle car requires around at least a 1hp/10lbs ratio, generally speaking. Some lighter muscle cars - especially those from the late 60's - are better described as 'Ponycars', because they were very compact and light, similar in design to Ford's Mustang. There were a lot of very powerful but heavy musclecars, and debate exists over which one was the 'first'. Some would say that the old Chrysler 300 qualifies, while others say that the Pontiac GTO was the first true musclecar. The Australians even had a few 6-cylinder cars with blistering performance back in the 60's that also qualify, so the term 'muscle car' doesn't just just refer to V-8 vehicles. Regardless, most people would not consider any 4-cylinder high performance vehicle to be a muscle car; they are more accurately described as sports cars usually.
1964 Pontiac GTO, 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1969 Javelin, 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1967 Dodge Charger

- note - There were many different engines available for these cars. Some of those engines lacked the performance to make even these specific models 'muscle cars'. A stock 6-cylinder Chevelle would not be considered a muscle car, for example.
by Technomancer June 18, 2006
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A group of American made cars that were produced between the late-50's and early-80's. The engines were usually high horsepower and high torque and when tuned correctly, got between 15 and 30 mpg. Typically, they ran 11 to 14 seconds on the quarter mile and speed up to 160mph, stock. Most weighed between 2500lbs and 4500lbs (Many were a bit lighter than todays cars) Even though considered obsolete by todays standards, A restored muscle car would be worth $10,000 - $150,000, and some muscle cars have sold for upwards of $3 million at auctions.
" Contrary to popular belief, not all American cars made in the 60's and 70's were considered a muscle car "
by Peiceofpaper February 07, 2006
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