To sneek a quick look at another mans cock when he is asleep. Only a man can murk/merk another man. If the murkee wakes or knows of the murk/merk then it is not a murking. The average man is murked 32 times in his life time.
The act of murking is for the murker to achieve a secret sense of empowerment over the murkee. Used by many through history to gain psychological advantage over ones competitor.
It is well documented that David murked/merked Goliath before their epic battle, only to find that Goliath was not so goliath in all departments. This is the key factor in Davids victory.
Used in everyday life to discribe an act of disgracing someone.
(v) "step back and prepare to be murked"

by Chris Swinburn May 04, 2007
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1. To kill, maim or totally fuck up some bitch who's givin' u shit
2. To have casual sex in ur m8s house at a party or w/e
3. To beat someone wit yo mind
4. Something that should be done to all chavs with sharp and/or blunt objects.
1. "the thorpe Daleks murked the SHIT outta the Hadleigh Daleks, homes"
2. "Mark totally fucked the shit outta that bitch, playa"
3. "yo dawg, yo' face be trippin', trust me dawg it's yo bitch i'll be missin'"
4. (engl.) "the chavs got murked in the face with baseball bats."
by Daaaaaaaaaaaave August 09, 2007
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An action work meaning to disappear or vanish.

the word has also been used (out of content) to describe death or killing, because of the similarities between being dead and one disappearing or vanishing

A yo, I'm about to murk, I got work in the morning.

I can believe J got murked, he was only 19.
by ThE K@niLeKinG January 27, 2011
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If something is "Murks" then it´s simply shit. usually the product of someone´s inability to do just the thing he/she/them tried to do. Can also be used for describing something: he totally murksed it.
Person1: Look at that picture th artist sold for 4000.
Person2: What the fuck?! That´s total MURKS! A drugged ape would do much better!

Person1: Heard of Bill proposing to Jane?
Person2: Yeah he toally murksed it. I can till see how swollen his left cheek is.
by Soul76 October 19, 2003
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to kill or badly beat up someone or to kill a suituation or a joke.
1)"I'm gonna murk you"
2)Person1: "Wouldn't it be funny if she came in with a taser"
Person 2:"It would be funny if she came in dressed in leather"
Person 1:Nah you just murked it!
by lil tazz February 25, 2007
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To put your testicles in someone's face.
The boy murked the girl yesterday when the girl refused too get on her knees.
by Erikalikesmypenis August 26, 2009
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Slang To Kill. Usually used during gameing time..or any other game
Dude I Just Murked That Dude With A Plasma Grenade
by MikeCAPIsGAY January 21, 2009
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