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lieing about one's nationality and changing it every year to seem cool.
joey was puerto rican in 8th grade, dominican in 9th, cuban in 10th, columbian in 11th, and brazilian in 12th. joey is really white and chinese, he got multiple nationality disorder
by giveyouthetruth November 21, 2010
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A mental disorder caused by multiple citizenship, multicultural families and too much moving.
A random dudey: Heya, kid! Where are you from?

Kid:Er um.....well my grandmother's Canadian, my grandad's Greek, my other gramps is from kazakhstan, my other grandma is japanese and i was born is cyprus... and then i moved to england and then new jersey and then greece aaaaand....*starts twitching* oh god its too much! *falls to the floor* AAAAH NOOOOO!
(*dies of severe brain haemhorraging*)

Kid's friend: Sorry bout that; She's got a multiple nationality disorder...
by The Sock Puppet Master July 10, 2008
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A severe mental disorder that makes a person speak in different accents at random times. One minute they are British, and right in the middle of a sentence, suddenly they become Dutch.
Dude, I think that chick Amber has Multiple Nationality Disorder. One second she’s Asian, and then Mexican. It’s weird.
by JeiceGinyu April 22, 2018
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