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It's like that thing, where you accidentally knock your mouse off your desk, and rather than reach down to get it, you just grab the cable and reel it back up, hand over hand.
Tony was too fat and lazy to set his laptop aside, so just grabbed the cable on the back and did some mouse fishing.
by President Warren G. Harding September 26, 2012
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While working or playing on your desktop, you accidentally drop your mouse that's attached to your PC onto the floor & your to lazy to bend down and pick up, so you grab the wire attached to the mouse and pull it back up to you. tada!
While Gaming On My PC, I Had to Go Mouse Fishing During The Middle Of An Epic Boss Fight. smh
by Mr.Dinoman April 23, 2018
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Playing along with an obvious catfish for one's own amusement.
A fake Kendrick Lamar Instagram account DM'd me and is trying to Catfish me. I'm mousefishing him just to see what he'll say, this shit's hilarious.
by Marvllouuus February 23, 2019
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