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"im from moutain lakes new jersey"
"really, you must be rich"
"no, my parents are"
by ick April 05, 2005
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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not all of the boonton township people hate moutain lakes! how dare you speak for all of us, maybe thats how you feel, but i would choose moutain lakes over any other school, so dont try and speak for me "bob" so get over yourself
moutain lakers and boonton township kids love each other!
by ick April 10, 2005
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a small, snobby, rich, white, preppy suburb of new york that no one has ever heard of. It is filled with big houses and beautiful, rich, bitchy white girls who enjoy shopping. The boys are beautiful as well. If you don't have the newest model of bmw/mercedes/lexus when you get your license, you are looked down on. These rich kids think they can get away with whatever they want so they smoke pot, a lot, even at school....they're pretty smart. They store morphine in their lockers, and have any drug imaginable ready at hand because their parents give them the money to buy it. Beiruit's the name, drinking's the game. On any given night you can find the teenagers, and parents, playing this classic game in their basements. Tournaments are frequent and last up to 12 hours. This small town as an exceptional sports program for having such limited choices of players. Lacrosse players are gods and everyone plays lacrosse, if you dont you are killed. Most live here all their lives, so one has the same friends from when they are two years old, until they die because most return when starting their own families. The high school is a small piece of shit that is made up of mountain lakers, boonton townshipers, and a bunch of deaf kids. yes, deaf kids. This results in most of the high school population knowing sign language. it's awesome. You could probably count the minority race population of the high school on one hand. In fact, there was an article in the new york times about the lack of diversity in mountain lakes. This town is great if you like small towns where everyone knows everything about you, especially what you did last night. If you like privacy, i dont recommend living here.
person #1-"she's from mountain lakes."

person #2-"ohhhh that's why she is so gorgeous, rich, and bitchy."

person #1-"i know i want to be her"
by EWWW March 20, 2005
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Mountain lakes is a great town. I lived there practically all my life and just recently moved. My new town is much bigger and predominately black and hispanic, but i had no issue adjusting or fitting in. Educationally, I was more than prepared, I was more advanced then many of the straight A students, and it's not like I walked into some shitty school system, I'm in the IB program!
And as for all of you that are attempting to whore this great place, I suggest you go to the schools for a little while, considering that I saw far too many spelling mistakes just glancing at a few of your pathetic entries. (FYI, it's posse, not possy). Maybe you should spend a little more time studying, and a little less wishing you were from ML and naturally smart because we were all raised that way.
ML kids are the greatest, and the majority have a lot of friends from outside schools and towns, so some of your friends (if you have any) like them.
by mmmst May 09, 2005
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