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the act of motor boating but using a woman's ass cheeks in place of a woman's breasts
Bob really is an ass guy, so he decided on motor butting Nancy
by phildothegreat October 18, 2013
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The act of perform a motorboat, but on someone's anus.
We were about to start some rusty trombone, but it wasn't hard, so I turned to doing some motorbutting.
by scumbeater November 15, 2013
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When you draw nipples on her asscheeks and motorboat her ass.
"I'm so motorbutting you tonight."
"What the fuck is that? Is it another one of those weird Urban Dictionary sex things?"
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by zephwynder June 13, 2018
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To motorboat a girls ass. Just like the titts except you do it with the butt cheeks
My girlfriend was annoyed by me motorbutting her every time she bent over
by Nicolap November 16, 2017
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