let's be honest, you searched this so urban dictionary says "get a motherfucking mug"
You: what does "motherfucking" mean?
by Barunxx April 17, 2021
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(See Motherfucker to get the idea of the variant forms)
Wretched, disgusting, despicable.
That Motherfucking piece of nothing!
by Light Joker June 12, 2004
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This is usually chased with an ethnic slur or faggot when a gonzo journalist does reporting via wordpress or tumblr when laying into fanfiction writers, it's used in combination of insults towards a piss blogger or as FUCKLIARS on here puts it as one word pissblogger as he must been reading my blogspot in the era when it was first coined. Motherfucking is fuck relative. It's often the set up for wolf ticket laced double homicide language.
Piss Blogger - The wop took direct aim at us.

What he say?

Motherfucking piss blogging sack of plagiarist shit.

Piss Blogger -- oh fuck he took direct aim at us.
Encyclopedia Dramatica -- let's portray him as flaming faggot as some from Gothic net stole some of his photos.
by illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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