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When thoughts drift unavoidably to motherhood. The biological urge and longing to be a mother but at the same time, the knowing that you're not really ready for it. Mentally, emotionally, or career-wise.
I've been having these mother pains since I was very young. Want to have a family some day.
by FayeFleurDeLis October 14, 2010
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Every time I see a child I smile, then I frown, then before I can visually look sad I'm pretty sure my face has just gone blank, because at this point I have realised that, I'm 19. I have no job, no license, my boyfriend and I have only been together for 5 months and I already have the feeling he is the right guy for me. Do you every get the feeling that you exist for one specific reason? My reason is my future, because in the future, I'll have my own family.
I believe that getting a puppy will not solve my mother pains.
by RememberYourOpinionIsValid October 23, 2015
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