this word has many meanings:
1. a person who fucks mothers "i fucked your mom"
2. a bitch who fucks shit up "you broke it you mother fucker"
3. a word to emphisize somthing "you kicked the mother fuckin shit out of him"
4. a word to fill in blanks in a sentence "yo me and this mother fucker were chillin in this mother fuckin basement, you dig mother fucker?"

by martha June 18, 2006
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Worse than fucker; one of the worst insults you can throw at someone
by Christy January 15, 2003
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Have you heard the news? Jeffrey scored with Denise's mom last night! He is one lucky mother fucker!
by Yerffej November 17, 2009
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A person that has sex with a female that has given birth to a child.
John: You do know that woman that wants you to marry her has a house full of children don't you?
Bubba: No that might be why she was so eager to be with me and I had sex with her last night too!
John: You did? You mother fucker!
by Billy BullSchitter April 21, 2016
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Used when describing a real hardass.
1. Big G. Storm and his earrings..what a mother fucker.
2. You know K. Mils? I'm lookin' to kick that mother fuckers ass.
by i love you. Banana. September 6, 2009
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u mother fucker
get stoned like a mother fucker
its wet like a mother fucker
iv had enough of u u mother fucker
by tonnie August 6, 2003
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noun: a person who "fucks" or has sexual intercourse with ones mother.

also known as an obscenity used excessively when greatly intoxicated with alcohol
as said while going back and forth from throwing up in the bathroom-
"you mother fucker what the fuck are you doing here?i fucking hate this you mother fucker.mother fucker this sucks"
by Dilara Oz January 3, 2007
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