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The defintion for this bitch ass that hides behind lil gay ass websites like this are slow ass anal lickin mothaz pussy licking, daddys rectum stroking. Whether these bitches are aussie, asian or WOG, your gonna get fucked up. Retarted asains are the ones who watches pornos of your mother after they finish video taping it. Golden fingers?? thats when your dad picks up randoms on oxford street and shoves his fingers up there ass. The definition of TRANNY is your fucking family mother fucker. Remember Motch will even put your bitch ass to shame u pussy motha fuckers
Reatarted Asian - Wasnt that your dad on thw news about pciking up other men and shoving fingers up or ass
mothafuckin bitch assz - Yeh, so, he doesnt do it to me anymore but when he goes out to pick up other men he takes me with him
Retarted asain - Ohh...ok you faggit ass mother fucker. Wanna go back to mine and watch that porno movie i made last night with you mum
mothafuckin bitch assz - Naa.. im only into men. I think i might become a slut worker and go work with Yogi
by THE_ONE_TO_NV_U_BITCH_ASS February 20, 2005
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