(adj.) often used to describe a person who goes above and beyond the spectrum of dope, cool, and/or incredible.
Also refers to one who is spitting game with the opposite sex and is trying incredibly hard, successful or not.
(1) Hey, have you met Charlie, that dude is super mossy.
(2) Geoff is so mossy right now with the ladies, he's going hard right now
by Sced January 23, 2018
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Disappointing, unfortunate, or generally bad, often used when describing behavior that is morally low, unfair, or dirty.
"Your best friend ran off with your girl friend? That's pretty mossy."
by Sirhappymobot July 12, 2006
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Lowest form of a hoe. Thirsty for attention from all guys and all popular girls. You must meet someone in real life who is mossy to fully understand the meaning behind it.
"Yo, who this thot that keep commenting on my pics?"

"Das Ashley mane, she mossy."
by dirtscum May 02, 2014
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