Moshers are now split into two kinds of categories, 1 the origonal mosher bieng a person who dances violently to rock or heavy music. 2 a person usualy aged from 10 to 16 who wheres hoodies baggy jeans and listens to shit like linkin park or sum 41
Liam greevs trying to be a mosha but never going in a mosh pit
by Jonny Futers August 03, 2004
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cool, 'alternative' kiddie whom likes the sort of music in fashion at the moment, such as Slipknot, korn, papa roach, lostprophets.

Not Einsturzende Neubauten, Can, Pigface or Haus Der Luge.

Ha, i'm great.
hello, i like slipknot. therefore, i am a mosha
by BOBBBBBBBBB May 02, 2003
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A mosha (or mosher), put simply, is the opposite of a chav. Unfortunately this doesnt make them any better, as both types are a collective of lower mortals with no sense of the real world.

A mosha by definition is a child between the ages of 5 and 18 who is a. made to wear hoodies and baggy pants by their parents cause its 'the new trend' or b. retarded.

How to spot a mosher:
-Wears baggy pants/jeans, black hoodies with bands names/strange lyrics, studded wristbands and beany hats
-Has hair in a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from long and greasy to the classic faux-hawk.
-Listens to nu-metal, emo and hardcore. Not to be mistaken with headbangers
-Refuses to speak to 'outsiders'
-Constantly praise individualism, yet dresses alike
-Paints fingernails and eyelashes

There is a 90% chance that anyone being hassled by a chav is a mosha
Have you heard the new 'my chemical romance' single??? Its sooooo heavy, but still emotional and i can really relate to it, dude
by Vic Rattlehead May 19, 2005
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going by your definitions i would consider myself a 'grunger', although reading what youve put about moshas, it sounds like youre describing someone who has outcasted themselves from society and, to be honest, dresses like a tramp. as some of you may see moshas and grungers very similar, i can say that the 'grungers' i hang around with have a shred of self respect and don't complain about things in the world which are not really happening.
someone who wears dirty clothes, doesn't really wash and listens to pointless music, such as nu-metal. (if you wanna listen to rock, listen to real rock.)
by Ace March 09, 2004
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gays. wid long hair. gays. their gay. did i mention gay? rock sucks and i fucked its mom. fuckin mosha punk ass's
hi im a mosha and im gay
by nigga February 11, 2005
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'mosha' is an insult used by chavs to describe individuals who decide to wear non-sporty clothes brands such as reebok and nike. Most of those people who are pidgeon-holed by chavs/townies as 'Moshas' do not consider themselves as 'moshas'. As most intelligent people know, there are many different types of styles and musical influences within the category of 'mosha', such as emo, grunger, Metalhead, goth etc.

Those poeple who are defined as 'moshas' by chavs/townies just like to listen to the insults and subtly outwit them and/or just walk away thinking how childish the chavs really are.

Anyone with hair that grows longer than their ears are usually called 'moshas' by chavs/townies and are told to "get a fukin hair cut, fukin mosha"

A "mosher" could be referring to someone who involves themselves in mosh pits in rock concerts, but it is most commonly used as a chav insult to anyone who listens to "mosha music" (i.e. anything that isn't in the charts)
Alt: alright mate?
Alt: Pull your trackies out of your socks, put your cap straight and piss off.
(alt walks away laughing quietly)
by Sicko Nicko November 27, 2005
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