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One square mile of banks. Everyone goes to Borough, but you have 60 people in your class. The class of 2017 hang out spot was Daniels house and DIPS. 98% of the kids are white. The only reason Quick Chek is open is because all the boys go there after hanging out at "the turf". Only 3-4 kids in every grade go to a different high school that isn't Morristown. Everyone has money. There are 2 really big houses that everyone wants, Kate Websters house and the one next to Mt. Way school. People die in random places, overdose is Quick Chek bathroom, suicide behind Annabelle's , murder in the apartment buildings. If you live pass the train station you have to get a bus to school and people look at you as outsiders. You walk everywhere, but everyone is too lazy to walk across town. In middle school if you are friends with people from Frelinghuysen, you are THE SHIT! You know everything about everyone, and the parents know all the gossip. There are only 2 friend groups.
If you are from Morris Plains you are a "Borough Kid".
by Joshieij 7uh6yge5vtr3 October 16, 2018
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