a fairly new (2007) Japanese fashion/lifestyle trend, dedicated to living a cheerful, simple, natural life of a girl in the forest. "mori" in Japanese means "forest."

The fashion style is loose, light and airy, layered with warm, bulky sweaters and scarves and tough boots for navigating the wilderness.

the style utilizes pale colors, like oatmeal, light pink, light greens and browns, as well as rich gem tones like sapphire and ruby. Crocheted and knitted items accessorize the look.

The aesthetic has also leaked over into interior design. Rooms inspired by mori girl are often filled with sunlight but clear of clutter save for a few spots stacked with old books, antiques and a vase of sunflowers. Mori rooms often look like cabins from a fairytale.

The lifestyle seems content with solitude, however it doesn't close itself off from a social life intentionally. A mori girl has no qualms about going off into the forest alone or enjoying a cup of tea and and an old book in her favorite coffee shop by herself.

She is intelligent, secure and confident in herself, and as such is never loud or overbearing. She just prefers to live unfettered and uncluttered. Mori girls carry themselves with a quiet strength.

There's also a boy version of the fashion emerging recently.
Lauren: That girl looks like a forest fairy!

Amber: That's because she's a mori girl!
by Kalmia March 6, 2011