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n. Person, most commonly hispanic males, that decided to persue the Custodial Arts as their career of choice. See also janitor or squeegee master.
We all want to graduate from high school so we don't have to become mop jockeys or jizz moppers.
by Birdielin14 August 21, 2006
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(n, one word) Anyone whose primary assigned job tends to involve using a mop, or cleaning things. Often meant to degrade that person, especially when that person was actually hired or trained to do a much more complicated job. Used most frequently to describe Navy personnel (as an alternative to "swabbie") to whom this has happened, since it happens there with startlingly high frequency.
"The Navy spent 12 months training me to fix radars, then when I got to my boat, they sent me to the mess decks, and since I don't know how to cook, they made me a mopjockey. I get to swab decks all day. Whoopie. Glad I joined."
by TheDS March 10, 2009
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Mexican. Mexicans are janitors and use mops a lot
There is always a mop jocket in the office after hours to clean shit up
by Steven February 16, 2003
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