lots of strippers and cigarettes here. also some comedians.
yo i'm going to club super sex in montreal this summer!
by teevee June 09, 2003
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Eastern Canadian big city. Worst Chinese food you will ever eat in your life. The weather is extreme to put it bluntly. Winters are brutal. The bus system sucks. There are a lot of really rude people. Move out west!
"Let's order some Chinese food tonight"
"no, i'd rather not, I would rather eat out of the garbage"
"God, Montreal has the worst Chinese food"
by Hated it October 20, 2006
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A city where your new SUVs and trucks with American licence plates will get stolen in broad daylight by the Russian Mafia, in a parking lot, wile you are in watching you brother's hour long hockey game. Not to mention four other large vehicles in your group, including a 2006 Escalade right out of the hotel parking lot. LoJack and OnStar didn't work at all. ; ) aka: do not bring your nice vehicles to Canada.
The Russian Mafia in Montreal stole my car!
by T.Poss May 11, 2006
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Montreal has French Canadians, and the worst drivers in the world.....enough said.
I Came from Vancouver the best city in the world one day to Montreal rode this carriage through the old part of town(this was actually cool) then I laughed at how stupid the French people are, got pissed off at how Quebec residents honk at red light(if they dont go right through it) went to the airport and back to the rich safe haven city of Vancouver p.s. big mountains rock
by Big K Man March 09, 2006
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A congregation of musically talented individuals that create psychedelic indie rock from Athens, GA. They happen to be one of the most underrated bands of all time. Front man Kevin Barnes is a lyrical genius and true entertainer. Don't be surprised when your eye drums orgasm from such splendid bizarre sounds.
Fred: I went to an of Montreal concert last night and it felt like

I went to some sort of broad way musical with a sexual


Bill: Sounds intense

Fred: It was, especially the encore involving a sexual torture

by oMowl87 February 18, 2011
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An amazing indie rock band from Athens, Georgia. Mellow, bubbly, euphoric.
Of Montreal is so groovy.
by Joshua Franklin October 13, 2006
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One who lives in or hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
You know you're a true Montrealer when you are addicted to poutine, you pronounce it "Muntreal" (not "Mahntreal") and you greet everyone with a two-cheek kiss.
by cherryblossom October 03, 2007
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